A room is a large space where you can feel comfortable and stay for a while

A house is also a lodge or any other building that has a roof, walls and doors to protect you from the weather. A window is one of the most important parts of a house. It allows light in and out, it lets you see outside, it’s always open for letting air in or letting air out. A carpet is an underlay made of thick fabric that keeps your feet warm when walking on hard floors. A kitchen appliance is any machine designed to cook food (such as an oven, stovetop or microwave). A bathroom can be found at home or in hotels. It’s usually next to the bedroom because there are often several bathrooms in one room. You can call this room your

A room is a very important and crucial part of any house. It is where you sleep, eat, read or study. A big house has lots of rooms, which can be classified into different categories like living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and so on.

Room’s importance in a house depends on the size of the house. A small home will always have only one or two large rooms while a big home will have several small rooms to accommodate all the guests that come over to visit their relatives at home. But one thing remains constant – each room should be used properly and with care to maintain its cleanliness and safety.

This section can help students understand how a room works in its real-life context by showing them how rich properties are decorated in different ways by different families for their own benefit