A room is a space that you spend most of your time in

Most of us spend about 30% of our time in the room as we relax, sleep and do work. A good room to have is a comfortable one which makes you feel at home and also helps you stay away from distractions.

A good room has an open concept so that there are no restrictive walls, it has enough natural light and it has adequate counter-space to store personal belongings. It should have enough storage space for furniture and clothes, a kitchen or dining space, bathroom facilities with bath or shower etc…

A room is one of the most important part of a house. It is where you live, sleep and eat. A room should be comfortable, warm and welcoming for all your visitors.

A room can be a small or large space. It can also be changed often in order to accommodate different people or different needs, such as family members or guests.

A room has a floor and walls that are made up of pieces of materials like wood, white paper or tiles that can be washed regularly with water and air-dry if necessary. These materials can have different patterns on them which will determine the color of the wall, the design of furniture in it, how pretty it looks etc., so you need to choose a color scheme carefully while designing your room! Altering the color scheme will make your home.