From the basic room like a place where we live and sleep, to the latest developments in interior design

The most common room is our home or office. We spend at least 70% of our life in this room, so it’s natural that it’s responsible for 70% of our stress and anxiety. It’s true that there are other rooms that are more important than our home or office, but even so, all rooms should be designed with functionality in mind.

A room is one of the most notorious places on Earth. It is a very visible part of a house and houses are built to accommodate everything from 2 parents and their children, to 4 children. A room can be anything from a kitchen, bedroom or dining area.

The room is used for many purposes such as storing furniture, preparing meals and sleeping. However it has also been used for many nefarious things like stealing or hiding contraband goods.

It is not surprising that in the modern world we have so many rooms yet no one seems to know what they should do with them!

We want our house to reflect our personality , fit in with our style and be an extension of us so that we can feel comfortable there . We want it to look good even though we are constantly being bombarded by different