Room is a colorful room in a house

A room is a space that you spend most of your time in. It has windows, a door and a bed. These are all considered as the basic features of a room. The topic itself is quite simple: what do you do in your room?

It is important to know that the room where we live is not just a place for lounging, sitting or sleeping. It has a lot of other functions and it also affects us in many different ways.

Section topic: Room design and architecture

Section keywords: home design, architecture, kitchen design, bedroom design, living room design

Introduction: In order to appreciate the beauty of our house or apartment we need to understand how it was designed. During the construction process some people were asked to say what they liked about it while others were asked to describe every single detail that they could see. This experiment was called as „Room Design and Architecture” (RDA) study by MIT and UrbanLab. The purpose was not only to find out what people liked about their homes but also why they like them in

This room has been decorated in a very modern and contemporary way. The walls are on the white colour with a big window that lets in the sunlight through it.