Room is the place where someone’s body meets their mind

It is also where people sleep and eat, so it should be thought about carefully when putting up a home or office space. The design of your room should reflect your personality, and what you like to do or read etc., so that you can get a good night sleep and keep yourself entertained in one place at night.

Room is an important part of a house. It is the place where people, who stay in it, live. It is also the location where most of daily activities take place. Our home is an extension of our personality and our room reflects that identity.

So, you can see that all these factors are very important to decorate the interior of your house with a certain feeling and image for visitors.

To add to this, there are some other factors that can contribute to make or break the room’s atmosphere too: The light and the view from your windows should be in sync with what you want to convey; your furniture should not be boring or old-fashioned; curtain designs should capture a certain mood or character of your family; etc..