The room is where we spend most of our time

It is the place where we study, work, sleep, eat and play. It is an area that defines us in more ways than one.

This section tells you about the room itself and its surroundings such as the color of the wall, furniture and decoration to complete a given image or impression.

Room is an important part of a house. It is where we do our work. It’s where we store things. It’s where our family gathers to eat and socialize, it’s the place where we entertain guests.

This section is about the room, it’s a place where we need to take care of all our needs and concerns. In this section, we will discuss about some of the common things that we need to have in our rooms, like:

This room has a kitchen. This room has a bathroom. This room is for us and for us only. This room is yours, ours and ours only.

A conference table might be placed in this area or it might be brought by the client or guest.

The living area can also be used as an office area or library if necessary.

Common sense should also be applied when deciding on where to put your furniture: The ideal spot will not necessarily conform to what is conventionally called „the center” of your space; rather

The idea of room possibly dates back to prehistoric times. Humans lived in a room for a very long time and their sense of space, size and shape has shaped our lives forever.