We put a lot of effort and time into decorating our homes

Our rooms have to look nice and inviting. From the comfort of our beds, we get to see the beauty of the world outside through our windows.

We put a lot of effort into making sure that our homes are neat, clean and inviting. From cleaning up after a long day at work, we get to enjoy the beautiful view in front of us as well as looking at our families around us on TV or through social media or through photos taken by ourselves and posted on social networks.

In this room, the carpet is the floor. The window is a door, the wall is a window, and everything else that’s in between it and you are that wall. It can be called a room or a house depending on where it’s located.

Room is the most important part of a house, without it there are no children in a family.

Talking about furniture, I want to mention a couple of examples that are already being used by some corporations in their offices.